digital signs for business“Long-haired freaky people need not apply,” read one sign, according to the Five Man Electrical Band of the 1970s.

Luckily, there aren’t too many signs that frown upon our freaky long-haired friends nowadays and they are very much welcome to apply.

Signs, of the encouraging variety, are great. They actually have a lot of benefits for business.

Get People In
The most important aspect of any business is having people physically walk in to the actual business. That won’t happen if no one is aware of what you do, where your location is, and when they can come.

Not only are these signs used to get people in, they are also excellent forms of advertising. Digital signs for businesses are great because they have a simple job and they work. Wholly 35% of people wouldn’t have even known or wouldn’t have discovered a business if it weren’t for their sign.

Make More Money
The best part of getting people in your business is getting them to purchase your product or service. Replacing small store-front wall signs with larger digital signs for businesses can actually increase sales revenue by 7.7%.

If you don’t have a quality sign promoting your business, you are losing out on an excellent method of advertising. The return on your investment for a simple outdoor LED display can be significant.

Avoid Any Confusion
Whether they’re signs for government buildings, signs for churches, signs for municipalities, digital signs for businesses, or signs informing the public that they do, in fact, “got to have a membership card to get inside,” signs are necessary to avoid confusion. 

Imagine being a long-haired freaky person in 1970 while you’re searching for employment. If it weren’t for that very specific sign, you might’ve thought you were able to apply. Talk about avoiding an embarrassing situation.

More modern signs can clear up important business details and can give essential information to consumers for whatever is being advertised.

Having a sign in front of your business works. About 71% of people look at the messages being displayed on roadside signs and that could lead to a lot of new customers who otherwise might not have known you existed.