commercial business signs

Spring is almost here and it’s time to roll out some innovative marketing ideas designed to draw a crowd. When you want to welcome spring in style, try these fresh marketing strategies to create a buzz in your business.

Host a spring cleaning sale

A spring cleaning sale is the perfect way to engage with customers, both new and old. Everyone wants to clean house when warmer weather comes around; mimic this spirit in your store by holding a cleaning event. Get into the true spring mindset by incorporating some of your products in an outdoor display as well. Passerby will love the opportunity to browse products in the warmth of the spring sunshine.

Not only will a spring cleaning event help make room for new seasonal products, but it can also be used as the perfect promotional event on your social media channels and posters. Invest in fun outdoor LED business signs to encourage people to step into your store for the first time.

Promote wellness

Spring is a period of growth, wellness, and renewal. As such, countless people will begin to engage in healthy outdoor activities, including walking, hiking, and even biking. Even if your business doesn’t sell products or services directly related to wellness, you can still steer your marketing strategy toward self-improvement or growth for spring.

For example, a bank might want a consumer to “spring into savings” while a retail store may emphasize their line of activewear. Don’t be afraid to get creative when you form a spring marketing strategy.

Invest in commercial business signs

When spring arrives, more and more people will begin to spend time outside. Investing in colorful commercial business signs is a great way to promote your business and advertise any fun spring events your company is holding during the new season.

Did you know that nearly 85% of a company’s consumer base will live within a five-mile radius of their store? Enhancing your business’s storefront presence will ascertain that countless consumers won’t miss your store while they walk or drive by. Take advantage of outdoor LED business signs to stand out this spring.

When you’re looking for commercial business signs this spring, rely on the experience of Signs Plus to craft custom full color LED signs. Contact us today for more information.