When it comes to being a business owner, there’s a lot to think about. You have to consider how your product or service is selling, how your employees are doing, and how you can become the best in your industry, just to name a few.

You also have to consider what you are doing to bring in potential clients who may be driving by or looking at your sign. The use of signage is key in a business owner’s life because it can help bring in new customers, or if the signage isn’t as good as it could be, drive people away. Studies show that the addition or update of a business sign can directly improve sales revenue. In fact, a large storefront sign actually increases revenue by 7.7% In order to keep customers coming in, there are a few mistakes that you should avoid when creating your business signage. Let’s take a look at a few.


When creating your signage for businesses, you have to consider who is going to be reading what is written and from where. You may think that having pretty fonts is the best way to express the style of your business. However, if you use a fancy font, there’s a chance that someone won’t be able to read what you wrote. Some fonts can be extremely hard to read, so you have to be careful when deciding which to choose. Even if your business is whimsical, be as clear as possible.


When considering your signage size, whether it’s for LED signs, electronic signs, or scrolling marquee signs, you need to be aware of how it’s going to look. It’s good practice to measure how much space you have. It’s also good to make sure that there is balanced space around all of the words. This is super important for appearance and readability.

Sign Location

The sign location is just as important as the sign itself. If you spend money on a sign that you think is perfect, it’s so important to be able to show off your brand. If you place the sign on your building but behind a tree, no one is going to be able to see the signage.

Poor font choices, size issues, and location problems are all common signage mistakes that business owners make. Keep these things in mind when considering your new sign!