Schools are very prevalent in any community, as they should be. They are molding the minds of the future. For this reason, it is important for the community to be involved in them. This means members of the community attending school events, volunteering, and knowing what is going on in the school. One of the best ways to both inform and involve the community in schools is through outdoor signs. Here are three reasons that digital school signs are much better than traditional school marquee signs.

Time Saving

Traditional bulletin style signs take much more time to update than electronic marquee signs for schools. Nobody has to go outside and physically change the lettering and message when a digital sign is used. The message can be simply and quickly updated from the system right inside the school.

More Variety

On traditional signage, there is only so much creativity allowed. With digital school signs, there are so many more opportunities for content. Not only that, but there are opportunities for fun animations and message transitions. Research indicates that fresh content draws more attention to displays such as signs, so having a variety of messages can be beneficial.

Students Are More Engaged

How often do students pay attention to their own marquee signs? Guesses are, probably not that often. If the message is created around the students, however, they are much more likely to notice. They will then be better informed about what is going on at the school, along with the outside community. Digital messages can be much more specific than traditional messages, allowing more connection to the target audience.

Getting the community involved in schools is very beneficial for the students. When schools rely so heavily on their outdoor signs, having a digital one can make all the difference. LEDs are estimated to achieve 53% penetration of the global lighting market in 2019, so your sign can be energy efficient as well. Trading in the traditional sign for a digital one can make a huge difference for the school. They save time, allow more variety, and get the students involved as well. If you are looking to update your school signage, contact us today.