Many charity organizations have a lot of responsibilities that must be accomplished on a limited budget. The biggest proportion of the budget is reserved for addressing the core issues. Therefore, when undertaking marketing campaigns, NGOs need to know that their promotional efforts will yield good results. It is said that more than 70% of people regularly look at signboards, most of which are digital LED sign boards.

For skeptical charity organizations, there is evidence that digital media can get them closer to their fundraising goals without breaking the bank. A report by Adweek shows that marketing online can increase donations by 49%. That is in spite of the fact that most marketers use 5% of the overall budget.

Like many forms of marketing, different strategies will have varying results and ROI. Here, we look at some of the top strategies that charity organizations can apply for the best outcome.

Timing Your Message on Digital Signs

Your digital LED sign boards can run 24/7, delivering your message without any click-through action required. But you need to establish the best timing to get as much exposure as possible.

Ideally, you should display information at a time when everyone is passing by. For example, church marquee signs can display messages after the main service. On the other hand, electronic school signs can time their promotional message when parents are picking up or dropping off their children to school.

By timing your message, you can increase its visibility and boost the ROI. It is much more cost-effective than radio, newspaper, or TV advertising, especially when you are targeting a local audience.

Integrate Photo and Video Content

Today, digital sign boards have features that allow them to support a wide range of media formats. They can display winners of a charity contest, or it could be designed to highlight the top donors of your charity. If a recent event was successful, your digital LED sign boards can even showcase interesting moments of the event.

Images on digital LED sign boards should be effective enough to grab attention in a limited amount of time. If you are short of ideas, don’t be afraid to collaborate with charity members to create interesting images and videos.

Crowdsourcing the photos and images can introduce an element of excitement. It can help your message gain traction in your local area and on online platforms. It is cost-effective, and statistics show that user-generated content can improve click-through rates and increase engagement substantially.

Social Media and Donor Walls

Electronic signs are often used as a donor wall in a fundraising event. The purpose of the donor wall is to present a list of names of donors and contributors. The screen can run photos and the bios of people who took part in raising funds.

You can make the donor wall more engaging by combining it with social media. You could use a digital aggregator to make a social wall with feeds. The social media feed could include positive messages, photos related to the charity, and top contributors. You can use the setup as an incentive to encourage more people to take part in a challenge, to contribute, or to post positive messages and content.


Charity organizations have tight budgets and marketing can be expensive. However, there are effective ways that NGOs can use to improve the effectiveness of their marketing. A little bit of creativity can go a long way. Take advantage of marquee signs and digital tools for a successful fundraising effort.