led business signsIf you are looking to boost your company’s visibility, then investing in LED business signs is the right way to go. These incredibly powerful marketing tools are a great addition to any business storefront. Just consider the fact that the value of an on-site sign is estimated to be the same as 24 full-pages newspaper ads each year!

There are a few things you should know before purchasing full color LED signs.

1. All LEDs are not created equal

There is a wide variety in LED business signs. No matter what you are promoting, you are able to buy custom church marquees, digital school signs, or signs for government offices. There are plenty of options to choose from, including many different layouts that will benefit your specific enterprise.

2. A LED light is different from a light bulb

Many passersby will look at a LED sign and think it is just in fact a bunch of incandescent light bulbs on display. This is incorrect! LED signs are small light bulbs, and they vary from your typical bulb as they do not have a filament. They are brighter, more efficient, and best of all — they last longer! In fact, the LEDs that are used in the majority of signs today are known to last for more than 10,000 hours. These light sources use less energy than a typical bulb, so investing in a sign will cut down on wasted electricity costs.

3. Industry terms

When buying a LED sign there are a few industry terms you need to understand; pixel, pitch, and matrix. The singular LED lights are put together in what is known as a pixel, and the major factor that determines the appearance of LED business signs is the difference from the center of one pixel to another. Then, the pitch determines how crisp the image would be.

For example, think of two LEDs sitting side by side. They both are the same width and height, but they have different pitches. The one with the tighter pitch will have more pixels and a better resolution.

The matrix represents how large the LED sign actually is. It depends on the number of pixels used in a sign’s height and width, so the larger the matrix number, the larger the sign!

Choosing a LED business sign doesn’t have to be confusing. Make sure to call the professionals at Signs Plus today to get started!