The holiday season is a critical time for your business. Across many industries, it’s the time when your customers are the most likely to spend money in your establishment. But that will happen only if you are able to market yourself well. Although advertising online and in print can be helpful, it’s just as important that you make your physical location look as alluring as possible. During the holiday season, a combination of festive decorations and commercial business signs can be highly effective. If you’re sure to deck the halls, customers will want to come in. Here are three of our favorite tips for better business signage for the holidays:

  • Present a seasonal message
    Those who use LED business signs or scrolling marquee signs can take advantage of these features by spreading holiday cheer. Though the holiday season has become quite commercial, consumers will stop to appreciate your thoughtfulness. By wishing customers and local passersby a happy holiday or a healthy new year, you’re showing that you care. And that alone may make people want to stop in and do business with you.
  • Have an eye-catching window display
    One of the great joys of the holiday season is window shopping — particularly because of all the unique and lovely window displays! Whether you choose to have a traditional tree or get a bit more creative with a snowy scene or a tower of presents, make sure that your display is enticing and relates in some way to your business. People who drive or walk by will often stop simply because you put the effort in to design something that’s so much fun.
  • Highlight holiday deals
    If you don’t highlight your holiday deals on your LED business signs, you’re missing a prime opportunity. According to recent research, 68% of poll respondents sometimes or frequently make shopping decisions while in the car. If you’re able to display the details of a current sale or a holiday shopping event on your digital signs, you’ll be much more likely to bring in local business. Since those local consumers can be pivotal for many organizations, you should reach out to them in any way you can. Even a small percentage off a purchase or a bonus gift can make a big difference in their shopping decisions.

Want to give your business a boost this holiday? LED business signs might be just the thing you need! Contact us today to find out more about the wide array of options we offer. We’d love to help you bring in more customers for the holidays and beyond.