You’ve seen marquee signs all over the place, and they are meant to grab attention of passerby’s for one reason or another. They obviously work, as more than one-third, or 37%, of people say they look at an outdoor ad most times, if not every time, they pass one. Electronic signs and digital signs are now typically taking the place of traditional outdoor signs, and among these are scrolling marquee signs. Here are some tips for using scrolling marquee signs to help you be as successful as possible.

Understand your audience and location

To make the message on your sign successful, you need to know who will see it and how they will see it. This means you need to understand if you’re communicating to drivers, pedestrians, or both. What is the speed limit of the road you are advertising on? This may affect the font type and size you use. Use the information about your surroundings to help you design your sign. Creating a drive by type test will also help you determine the readability of your sign.

Understand your message

No matter what your organization is, you are probably looking for a specific response from your audience. Whether you want traffic in your store, on your site, or at a specific event, you want that action to happen. Figure out what message you can display to get those actions from your audience. After that, try not to deviate. With scrolling marquee signs, you can put multiple messages up at once. In this case, make sure your main message comes on the board very frequently.

Take advantage of the scroll

One of the biggest advantages of scrolling marquee signs is the fact that they move. This means that you can use motion to caption the attention of your audience. Especially if the landscape near your sign is crowded, visual effects will help it stand out. You can use video clips, animations, or transition effects to draw in the attention of your audience.

If you are using a scrolling marquee sign, you already have a leg up for your organization. Make sure to follow these tips so you can successfully draw in your audience and capture your desired goal. For all of your sign needs, give us a call today.