We live in a fast-paced world. As a result, businesses must advertise and market to customers where they are.

Sometimes, your marketing needs to get right in the face of the customer for it to be effective. As a result, it’s critical to obtain signage for businesses. According to Forbes Magazine, 32% of poll respondents visit a retailer they saw on a billboard later that week.

But how can you ensure that your business sign hits the mark? Here are three tips you should keep in mind to instantly attract the attention of potential customers.

Captivating Color

The color of signage for businesses can have a significant impact on the viewer. Think of all the brands that you know well and how many of them have bright colors. You often identify a business by its color.

You should consider colors that are on-trend at the moment. When potential customers see colors that are modern and current, it makes them think your business is, too.

However, you should tread cautiously when choosing a trendy color. Just because it is popular today does not mean it will be tomorrow. Remember the principles of color psychology and ensure the color scheme aligns with your brand.


Using contrast on signage for businesses can help make the sign more readable. Striking the right contrast can make your sign highly visible, even from far away.

Many signs have text and graphics on top of a specific color in the background. The contrast between them is essential for potential customers to be able to read the sign. You’ll want to consider a dark color on a light one or vice versa. When you select two colors that are similar, it makes the sign incredibly difficult to read.

Proper Size and Scale

When considering signage for businesses, it’s critical to keep the size of the sign in mind. Size does matter when it comes to signage. The larger the letters are on the sign, the easier it’ll be to read. This is even more important when you have signs on the side of the road or at a distance.

A rule to keep in mind is that have the letters be one inch tall for every 10 feet of distance. In addition, you want to consider the typeface and kerning (or spacing) of the letters to ensure they are readable from a distance.

Signage for businesses is a critical marketing tool for attracting new customers and maintaining existing ones. With these tips, your company can create a sign that is readable to all customers. To learn more, please contact us today.