From keeping students and faculty all on the same page to reminding the community of last-minute updates, there are dozens of benefits to have modern LED signs for schools. Digital sings like these are a wave of the future, and besides providing practical benefits, full color LED signs for schools keep the community looking fresh and forward-thinking.

If your school needs new business signage but lacks the budget to justify the purchase, raising money for the upgrade can be challenging. To help with that, here we’ll discuss some top tips on fundraising ideas for buying new LED signs for schools.

1. Offer Sponsorship to Local Businesses

Turn your new sign into a fundraising tool before you even have it installed! Think about where your school is located and where the new sign will be placed. Chances are it will be right next to a busy road. 71% of people driving by tend to look at messages on roadside billboards, and this means your school’s future sign could double as a handy advertising tool.

Approach businesses in your area and ask them if they’d like to display an advertising message on your sign. Let them know that, compared to traditional and even digital advertising, buying impressions on an LED sign is a cheap way to promote your business. Offer to sell them advertising space on your sign for just $1,000 per sponsorship. Tell them that if the advertising message is seen just 30 times each day over the course of six months, that totals down to just $0.90 per impression!

2. Set Up a Food Night

Many restaurants offer fundraising events for schools near them. And that’s not restricted to locally owned restaurants — even some restaurant chains will work with you to raise money for your school. The way it works is that schools will advertise the event using fliers and sell tickets for it. When participants go to the restaurant for the event, a portion of the total bill (usually 10%) will be given back to the school. This way the restaurant gets the participants’ business for the night, and the school gets its project funded, making it a win-win! If just 200 families show up to support the school and spend $50 on average, you would end up with $1,000 towards your new school sign.

3. Use Crowdfunding Websites

You can leverage the power of the internet to fund your school’s new sign using a website designed to promote online giving. GoFundMe and IndieGoGo are both popular and well-known platforms where people can sign up to support a good cause with a few dollars. Just set up a campaign telling people why it’s important, and you’ll be given a unique link you can send people to where they can donate to your cause.

From collaborating locally to going online, these fundraising ideas can get your school that new sign in no time!