A church’s success is not defined by the number of people in your congregation, but growing the number of people in attendance is an admirable goal. After all, you’re out here to change lives: the more people you reach, the better.

This is especially important since the number of church-goers has only decreased in the last few years. If you’re one of the many churches looking to grow their congregation this spring, try these three tips to reach more people.

1. Make your church kid-friendly

Even though many churches already have a kid-friendly area, boosting your children’s facilities can be a huge draw for parents. Even improving your church’s lighting and slapping on a fresh coat of paint can exude a refreshing energy that will make parents more likely to come to your congregation. Better yet, it’s more likely to ensure these parents come back week after week. Try offering daycare services for little ones and youth programs to service your younger congregation each Sunday.

2. Shake up your Sundays

While many people love the consistency of a Sunday service, others enjoy a little variety in their congregation. Making each Sunday a special event will set your church apart from the rest. Try holding an afternoon potluck or introducing a guest preacher to shake up your Sundays and break the monotony of Sunday service.


3. Invest in marketing

At the end of the day, your marketing strategy is the best way to reach more people in your community. This includes boosting your digital marketing strategy online as well as the presence of your church marquee signs.

This doesn’t mean you have to pay a lot for good marketing. Performing simple tasks, like improving your website’s load time and including a blog is a great way to get seen online. For the people passing by your church each day, a beautiful church marquee can make a lasting impression. In fact, on-site signage has the equivalent value of 24 full-page newspaper ads. Investing in a quality church marquee can save you money in the long run.

When you’re ready to invest in your congregation and buy church marquees or digital signs, rely on Signs Plus. We can help you remaster your outdoor church signs in order to boost the numbers in your congregation with ease. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us today.