You may not think of your school as a “business,” per se, but in some ways, you need to treat it like one. This is especially true when it comes to communicating important information or advertising events. This is one of the reasons why outdoor school signs are so important. Of poll respondents aged 18 and above, 58% said they learned about an event they wanted to attend from a billboard. Even if you aren’t trying to target customers in the same way a retailer might, you still need excellent signage to ensure your activities are a success and that community members are in the know.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of mistakes both school officials and business owners alike make with their outdoor LED signs and other forms of signage. LED signs for schools are used to get the word out efficiently, but if you make these three mistakes, you’ll be sending the wrong message.

  1. There’s an information overloadMany outdoor signs for schools are simply overcrowded with info. While you don’t want to forget anything important, you need your school marquee or LED sign to be concise and enticing. If you aren’t choosy with your words, you’ll end up overwhelming the reader and will fail to make any impact at all. Keep it short and sweet, and don’t be afraid to edit. Include only the bare minimum on your sign; you can include other relevant info elsewhere.
  2. The sign doesn’t go the distancePeople should be able to read LED signs for schools from afar. If they have to get extremely close for the message to be legible, you’ll just end up confusing and frustrating community members, students, and parents. Make sure your font style and size are able to be read from a distance. Otherwise, there’s not much point to having a sign at all!
  3. You leave them in the darkYou’ll also want to make sure your sign can be seen at all times. While a traditional marquee may be alright during daylight hours, not every school event happens before dark. If you want your sign to have maximum impact, you’ll want to light it up for everyone to see! LED signs for schools provide great visibility at all hours without being an unsafe distraction to drivers.

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