For any business signage, the goal is to get the audience’s attention with a message. You want your audience to notice your outdoor signs so they are exposed to your brand or organization. Whether it’s school LED signs or LED signs for businesses, the signs should consist of LED lighting instead of traditional bulbs.

LED lights last longer

Compared to neon and fluorescent lights, LED lights last a full three to six years longer, which is about 25 times longer. This will save you tons of time and money since you won’t have to replace the bulbs as often. LED lights also do not have gasses that can leak out like neon lights do, so there is no risk of them going dim.

LED lights are brighter

This quality really sets LED lights apart from other forms of lighting. LED technology is unique in that it produces a brilliant and bright yet clear and easy to read image. These lights stand out boldly at night and during the day because of their intensity. This means that no matter the time of day, your audience will be able to read your sign.

LED lights use less energy

Typically, LED lights only use around 10 watts of power, which is 80% less energy than neon systems. This means there is much less of a strain on the environment, and they cost less. LED lights also give off much less heat than other forms of light, so you don’t have to worry about the sign getting too hot.

LED lights offer more options

When you use LED lights, you have significantly more options in terms of effects for your signage. You can add movement, digital flashes, color changes, and even animations. You have these options because LED lights are composed of multiple, separate lights that can be programmed. This is not possible with neon and fluorescent lights.

In terms of value, having an on-site sign is the same as having 24 full-page newspaper ads each year. This means that the signage outside of your business is incredibly important to your success. Whether you need school LED signs or LED signs for other businesses, going to the LED route will offer your many benefits compared to other types of lighting.