Business signs are important investments that help new and existing clients identify a business. Without them, brand recognition will be poor and companies will miss out on new business. It’s even been reported that 17% of Best Buy customers walked in due to the sign. Besides electronic stores, what other industries should use digital signs for business storefronts? Keep reading to learn about four that do.

The Auto Industry

Investing in eye-catching signs is a great way to improve car sales for dealerships. They can call attention to special deals that are going on, and they can be easily changed compared to other types of signs. Mechanics can even benefit from digital signs for business storefronts, as they’ll pull in new customers who need a quick oil change or inspection.

The Restaurant Industry

Brand recognition and impulse decisions are integral to the survival of restaurants. Returning customers should know a brand’s identity at first sight and new customers should be caught by their signs. Services, sales, and different menus can be displayed on digital signs and changed quickly. On a strip of restaurants, small signs can get lost, and restaurants can lose business. That’s why digital signs for business promotion are such a great investment.

The Retail Industry

LED business signage can give retail stores a great opportunity to quickly update their sales and prices. Any temporary promotions can be swapped out with a greeting or a quote about great customer service. If sales are only advertised inside, these stores might lose business from people who are just driving by.

The Healthcare Industry

Healthcare practices that offer specialized care can greatly benefit from using LED business signs. Bright displays that accurately represent services can bring in a whole new client base if done correctly. Some people may not understand or know about the services provided, which is why this is a great opportunity to educate them.

When you need digital signs for business storefronts, choose Signs Plus. We work with you to conceptualize your sign and present a durable, quality sign. We’re proud to offer a high level of customer support to any of these industries, and we even offer digital signs for schools. To get started on your sign order, reach out to us today!