Over the years, LED signs have become a necessity for smart business owners. Research indicates that they are cost-effective, making them the most effective form of advertising for small businesses. An on-site sign offers equal value to having 24 full-page ads in the newspaper every year.

They are effective for two main reasons: first, they can boost brand awareness of an enterprise by up to 86%. Second, over 40% of consumers suggest that they prefer shopping in stores with digital signs.

However, the use of electronic signs is not only limited to conventional businesses. These signs are also used for churches and learning institutions with great effect. For schools and universities, there are several unique benefits to using an outdoor LED school sign.


The safety of students and staff is a top concern. Digital signs are great for passing real-time information about emergencies as they are fast and flexible.

They can be integrated with emergency alert systems such as the nation-wide Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) that is overseen by the federal government. This allows students, staff, and guests to receive alerts on national security threats, natural disasters, AMBER alerts, or dangerous weather.

CAP alerts are also sent via email and text. Any time there is a CAP alert, it will override the message displaying on the outdoor LED school sign. This feature makes it one of the most effective tools for institutions to receive and relay emergency information.

Other security benefits of digital school signs include the ability to…

  • Display exit maps and how-to videos to assist during the emergency
  • Show tips on how to perform the Heimlich maneuver or CPR guides
  • Display emergency contacts for hospitals, police and local authorities

Improves Information Dissemination

At times, a message may only be intended for a particular group. A network of digital signs strategically positioned in the school will allow messages to be displayed simultaneously for the respective groups.

Rather than sending out a series of messages or distributing leaflets to each group, you will be able to send custom messages to each target group. This feature saves you time and also enhances message delivery.

This is because students and staff may develop a habit of ignoring messages if they are constantly bombarded with targeted displays. However, with customized messages, both faculty and students will keep a keener eye on the message display board. This will boost delivery and increase their chances of remembering the message.

Source of Income

An outdoor LED school sign installation also comes with commercial benefits. Institutions, especially campuses, cope with a considerable amount of traffic from students. Manufacturers and service providers targeting that particular demographic can pay handsome figures for the opportunity to advertise on your campus.

The revenue generated from advertising campaigns will help your school make a return on investment. It can also be used to improve your digital sign network in the institution, thus allowing you to disseminate messages more effectively.

Great for Displaying Achievements

Electronic school signs are the perfect platform to display the achievements of students. These can range from artwork, poems, or even the success of a club or team. Such displays not only make the performing students feel appreciated but also encourage the rest to try. Also, displaying team achievements will create a sense of pride and unity throughout the school.


An outdoor LED school sign allows you to offer members of the public a glimpse of what your institution has to offer. When you’re ready to invest in digital signs for your school, rely on Signs Plus for the LED options you can trust.