As a business owner, you know how important your outdoor signage is. It’s not enough just to have a sign though; it needs to be used properly. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid with your outdoor business sign.

Bad location

The whole point of your electric business sign is to get people to see it, right? One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is putting their electronic business signs in a bad location. Make sure your sign is in a place that will get the most exposure to motor and foot traffic passing by.

Poor readability

Okay, so your sign is in a place where people can see it. Now you need to make sure they can read it. The beauty of electronic signs for businesses is that you can play with the graphics, color, font size, etc. The bad thing about this is that it can make your sign hard to read if you go a little too crazy. Make sure your front is big enough and easy to read, and don’t pick colors that make it hard to pick out the message on your sign. Finally, you want to make the design creative enough to capture attention but clean enough to read.

Incorrect grammar

This one is pretty obvious. If you sign has misspellings or poor grammar, your audience will probably get the wrong idea about you and your business. The simple way to fix this is to double check your message before you put it up, and even have a fresh set of eyes look at it, like a co-owner or other employee.

Missing information

Your electronic business sign needs to get information to your audience. There are certain pieces of information that should be on there, like your phone number, email, website URL, business name, hours, and the like. If you’re missing this stuff, your audience might not be able or want to come into your business.

No updating

Finally, you want to make sure you are updating your sign on a regular basis. It’s all fine and well to have a great sign, but it will get stale to your audience after a while. Create new designs, update with promotions, or change the colors of the sign to catch the attention of your audience again.

Experts say that the value of your on-site sign is the same as having 24 full-page ads in the newspaper every year. Your electronic business sign is valuable, so you should make sure you’re utilizing its potential. Make sure it looks great, you update it, and that you can actually see it. All of these things can help you increase your business to become more successful.