According to Forbes, 71% of people will look at messages on printed and digital roadside billboards on a regular basis. With this statistic in mind, you can be sure that parents, students, and school staff are likely to see and benefit from announcements and reminders displayed on a digital school sign board. But what specific things can a sign board be used to announce? Keep reading to find out!

Sports Games

Showcasing the dates, times, and locations of different sports games is a great way to inform not just students and parents of upcoming events, but other people in your town or city, as well! Getting the word out there via a school sign board is a great way to get people with team spirit into the bleachers.


Students and faculty alike would feel appreciated and excited upon seeing their name flash across an outdoor LED school sign on their birthday. Adding a fun animation like balloons or confetti is encouraged and is sure to catch the eye. This is just a little detail that could create a big smile on someone’s special day.

Important Due Dates

Another thing to consider flashing across your digital school marquee would be important due date reminders for students and parents to be aware of. Dates for things like field trip permission slips, yearbook orders, and picture day can be easy to forget.

Days Off

Many students who get dropped off at school by their parents understand the struggle of showing up to an empty school because you forgot about a day off. To avoid this, and any other confusion, it’s a good idea to make it clear via your digital sign when your school will be shut down for holidays or other events.


A great use for LED signs for schools is to show your drama and musical departments some love by showcasing their concert dates in advance. Doing so increases your chances of a great turnout and reminds students to complete all necessary concert preparations. Consider including some music notes with your digital announcement to draw the eye and create visual intrigue.

For more information on this topic, or to learn about how to get a high-quality outdoor LED school sign, be sure to reach out to the professionals at Signs Plus. We look forward to hearing from you!