School may be out for the summer, but that doesn’t mean your outdoor school signs have to go to waste. Around 37% of people report looking at an outdoor ad each or most of the time they pass one, and the same theory can be applied to digital signs for schools. If you leave that space empty, you’ll be missing out on a key opportunity to promote community events, extend congratulations, or communicate important safety messages to residents. Here are just a few ideas of what you can put on your electronic school signs this season.

  1. Graduation Announcements and Congratulations
    There’s no better way to recognize the accomplishments of your most recent graduating class than to program them into your digital sign! Whether you send out a general congratulatory message to the entire senior class or choose to recognize certain individuals for their contributions, this will make both former and current students feel great about their alma mater and can bring the entire community together in celebration.
  2. Sports Victories
    Even when school isn’t in session, lots of sports are still being played. Whether you highlight a community little league baseball game or encourage your school’s cheerleaders, softball players, and tennis players to do their best throughout training, you can easily express messages of teamwork and alert nearby residents of any events they may want to attend. This can also drum up support for local organizations who rely on community involvement for their fundraisers
  3. Summer Musicals and Events
    If you’ve allowed your school clubs or associates to use your theater space, gym, or cafeteria for a special event, you should definitely promote that on your signage! It’s common to see announcements about summer musicals or charity events on outdoor signs for schools. When not much else is going on at the school itself, it’s important to highlight these events so that the community will come out to support them.
  4. Safety Warnings
    Many digital signs for schools will simply say, “Have a safe summer!” to all those who pass by. But if you live in an area that’s prone to extremely high temperatures or dangerous storms, you can use your digital signage to communicate safety recommendations to those who live nearby. Whether they should remember to hydrate and stay inside or should ready themselves for a severe thunder or windstorm, you could help keep people safe and healthy with the messages you decide to put on your outdoor signs for schools.
  5. Open House or Enrollment Info
    Once summer starts to wind down and the start of school is only weeks away, you’ll want to start putting relevant information on your sign. Many schools offer informational sessions for new students, let incoming freshman walk the halls before their first day, or will let parents know about open houses or enrollment information well in advance. This will ensure families are informed and ready when it’s finally time to come back in September.

If you want to improve your school’s visibility and reputation within the community, digital signs for schools are often an effective way to go about it. For more signage ideas or to find out about how digital signs can improve how you communicate with students, parents, and those who live in your area, contact Signs Plus today.