Roughly 35% of consumers would not have discovered a business if it had not been for their sign. This just goes to show how important marquee signs and outdoor advertising can be for any business. There are some misconceptions and myths that many people assume when it comes to outdoor advertising, and it’s time for those myths to be debunked.

Myth 1: Only big companies benefit from outdoor advertising

This myth is a sad one because there are small businesses out there that have not taken advantage of outdoor advertising for this reason. Whether it’s church marquee signs or full color LED signs, the small businesses benefit from outdoor advertising just as much as the big businesses do.

Myth 2: Outdoor advertising only consists of billboards

Wrong. Outdoor advertising encompasses advertising done anywhere outside of our homes. This means digital signs outside of your storefront, or even an ad on a cab, counts as outdoor advertising. The list goes on and on for what counts as outdoor advertising, and your business can benefit from them all.

Myth 3: The “set and forget” myth

The most effective advertisements are the ones that change often. So if you think you can put up your full color LED signs and walk away, this is not the case. People stop noticing displays that remain the same, so your unchanging sign will eventually blend in to the background. Regular graphic changes can help keep your brand fresh and current.

Myth 4: Outdoor advertising is too expensive

Location is a big determinant when it comes to the price of outdoor advertising, but there are so many options that there is something for pretty much everyone’s budget. If you want to put a sign up on a busy intersection of a major highway, you’re going to pay more than putting a marquee up right in front of your store.

Myth 5: You will see instant results with outdoor ads

On average, consumers have to see something seven times in order to fully acknowledge it and then act upon it. So this means it may take more than a week for consumers to take action about your ads. The more signs you have, however, the better your chances are because consumers then have more exposure.

Outdoor advertising has its misconceptions, but it’s important to understand them so you can properly use outdoor advertising as a business. For all your marquee sign needs, contact us today.