Business signs are an integral part of your business’s marketing strategy. Your business’s signs are an important representation of your business and play a significant role in promoting brand awareness and recognition. Programmed LED signs are one of the most effective types of business signs. Be it day or night, lighted signs are hard to miss. Even while driving, it’s easy to notice LED signs hence, leaving a lasting impression on your current and future customers.

According to a recent poll, 58% of respondents confirmed they visited a restaurant they learned about from a billboard they spotted while driving. Here are the top five reasons why you need to switch programmable LED signs for your business:

1. Completely Customizable

Programmable LED signs are very versatile. Many businesses choose LED signs because they are programmable. They can be personalized and drastically changed with different messages. This means you can experiment with various messages and promotions to help attract new clients.

2. Programmable LED Signs are Easy to Operate

Most business owners don’t have time to learn and operate a new type of technology. Programmable LED signs are easily accessible, and you can update your messages any time, even at night when the business is closed.

3. Eye-Catching Brightness

The main aspect distinguishing programmable LED signs from other signs is their brightness. LED technology is unique as it produces a brilliant but clear light that’s easy to read close-up and from a distance. Also, they stand out boldly at night and are intense enough to see when the sun is shining. This means that you can get a clear impression of your sign’s logo or message no matter what time of the day or your distance from the sign.

4. Long Life

Quality programmable LED signs last 50,000 to 100,000 hours, which is a full three to five years longer than neon and fluorescent. Not only do they outlast other bulbs, but also they don’t have any gas that can leak out and cause dimness. They maintain a better level of eye-catching brightness throughout their lifespans.

5. It’s More Environmentally Friendly

A typical programmable LED sign uses 10 watts of power, around 85% less energy than fluorescent and neon bulbs. Lower power consumption results in less strain on the environment helping you stick to energy standards and lower your energy cost. Unlike other bulbs, LED lights also don’t have toxic gases like Argon and Mercury.

Programmable LED signs are an alluring and attractive business advertising method. They allow you to create versatile messages that appeal to various customers, both old and new. If you want to make your business stand out, a programmable LED sign is an effective way to illuminate your messages and promotions to the masses.