35% of consumers would not have found the business they needed if it had not been for their signage. Business signage has been used since the 14th century outside of companies to effectively attract as well as differentiate themselves from competitors. Signage such as LED business signs can display new products, promotions, events, and services in a manner that showcases great awareness to bring in more customers.

There are many ways an outdoor LED display works for you. It has already been proven that LED signs for business can increase your business by 15% to 150%. Simply put, LED business signage is leading the future of signage marketing.

If you haven’t already, bring your business into the 21st century by updating your signs to LED signs. They are absolutely transforming how businesses advertise with the ability to increase foot traffic and overall sales. Below are all of the ways LED signs can completely transform the way your company advertises to potential customers.

1. LED Signs Provide Engaging Lights

LED signs are ideal business signage with long life and engaging lights. Your business will have the ability to communicate new messages whenever you choose. Let customers and potential customers know about new events and sales with ease. Full-color LED signs can positively transform how your business is viewed.

2. LED Business Signage Has the Longest Life

If you need signage that offers long life, you want LED signs. These types of signs last nearly twice as long as neon and fluorescent signs, which is approximately 100,000 hours. That’s amazing for electronic business signage. You will be able to allocate funds to other areas of your business instead of spending them on other types of bulbs.

LED lights do not use any gas, so your signage will still look magnificent years later. Longevity is an integral money-saving tool when it comes to business signs. The longevity of LED lights shouldn’t be underestimated.

3. Digital LED Business Signs Give a Competitive Advantage

The business landscape is always highly competitive. Your business needs to stand out better than your competitors. LED business signs give you the ability to differentiate yourself using attractive colors and images. LED storefront signs are also very versatile so you can change them as needed to attract more customers and effectively increase your long-term revenue. The possibilities are endless and keep on giving.

4. Full Color LED Signs Can Convey Powerful Messages with Images

Digital LED signs display trillions of vivid colors with graphics, animation, and text. You have the ability to easily make changes directly at your fingertips too. You won’t be stuck with signage that cannot be changed without great expense. Full color LED signage created using aluminum cabinets and high-quality LEDs give you the opportunity to convey powerful brand-related messages that improves your marketing too.

5. Enjoy a Wide Range of Pixel Pitch Options

Modular, all-weather-state-of-the-art LED displays come in a vast variety of pixel pitch options. Select LED signage from full-motion video to smooth text messages that are visually stunning. No matter which type of LED business signage you prefer, you are assured signs that are built to last by prestigious manufacturers that offer superior tech support for the life of the sign.

Get the Best LED Signs

There are many choices when it comes to selecting LED signs from respected manufacturers. Your project needs the attention of product managers that understand your needs are unique. Knowledgeable managers will thoroughly evaluate objectives and project criteria for your business so the ideal LED sign is recommended. Purchase quality LED signs with confidence using the services of premier sign companies that will work with you from start to finish.