Municipalities, whether a state, county, or city government, often need to communicate information to residents in a timely manner. This role, formerly played by the local newspaper, must be fulfilled in a new way now that so many newspapers have gone out of business. In fact, the value of an on-site sign is equivalent to 24 full-page newspaper ads each year.

Social media accounts can provide a municipality with a pathway to providing information to local residents. However, this will be ineffective during data or power outages. These can occur during the exact times information must be disseminated, such as natural disasters.

This leads to a tried and true technology — municipal signs. Signs for municipalities can be battery or solar operated to work during natural disasters. And scrolling marquee signs can provide a great deal of information in a compact space. Here are five examples of municipal outdoor signs:

School LED Signs

Schools of all levels can use signs to pass along information to students and parents. For example, upcoming holidays, schedule changes, and programs, and concerts can all be promoted on school LED signs. Just as importantly, congratulatory messages can be loaded onto school LED signs to recognize students and school teams for their accomplishments.

School LED signs can also be used to promote after-hours events, such as meetings, adult education classes, or sports competitions being held at the school. Similarly, fundraisers can be promoted on school LED signs. By promoting fundraisers on school LED signs, fundraisers can reach out into the community rather than being limited to parents of students. With a broader base of support, more funds can potentially be raised.

Election Signs

On election day, many municipalities have multiple polling locations open for multiple overlapping jurisdictions. City elections, county elections, state elections, and national elections can all be run out of just a few schools, community centers, and churches.

However, because multiple precincts often use the same polling location, voters can often become confused about where to sign in, obtain a ballot, and vote. Electronic signs can help guide voters and election volunteers. Moreover, electronic signs can list candidates and ballot initiatives for all those who are waiting in line to vote.

Community Center Signs

In addition to the usual municipal services, such as water, sewer, and garbage pickup, many municipalities provide local residents with community services, such as senior centers and recreation centers. These community services and activities can be promoted on electronic signs.

For example, a municipal pool can list its hours, admission prices, and special events, such as swim meets, on an LED sign. Similarly, a senior center can list upcoming activities as well as contact information for senior services such as meal delivery or transportation for disabled seniors.

When these facilities run promotional activities or fundraising activities, digital signs can provide a visible way to advertise the activities. Moreover, once the sign is installed, the advertising is free.

Animal Shelter Signs

The animal shelter can make use of a digital LED sign board that lists and shows photos of animals that have been brought to the animal shelter. These signs would serve two purposes.

  1. Reunite lost pets with their owners. If an owner has lost a pet, providing a photo of the pet on an outdoor sign may help the owner learn that the pet has been taken to the animal shelter.
  2. Encourage adoption of pets. Very few people would be able to resist driving past a photo of a dog or cat up for adoption on an outdoor sign.

City Office Signs

City offices usually provide many services, from licensing businesses to accepting parking fines. Even though their services are essential, they usually have very limited hours.

During emergencies or after hours, digital signs can provide the information that residents need. For example, during a natural disaster, emergency phone numbers for utility companies can be listed on digital signs. Similarly, the locations of evacuation shelters or evacuation routes can be identified for those who are unable to remain in their homes.

Municipalities can make use of electronic signs in many other ways as well. From construction zones to the city library, municipalities can use electronic signs to pass on information quickly and efficiently to local residents.