Did you know that the value of an on-site sign is equal to 24 newspaper ads each year?

Most churches have outdoor church signs already—probably the old-fashioned kind, with letters that look like they belong on a mailbox. They’ve become so familiar over the years that you may not have considered the benefits of upgrading to a digital LED sign.

The following are six reasons why churches should be using digital LED sign boards to edify and expand their audience.

1. Keep Up With the Times

The church tends to have the unappealing stigma of being “behind” the rest of civilization.

Obviously, the state of a church’s tech shouldn’t be as important as the state of its congregation. But nonetheless, people look down on religious organizations that aren’t capitalizing on the technology available. To many, it just looks like the church isn’t trying, and so it can’t be taken seriously. (Surely we’ve all cringed watching a worship leader who couldn’t sing or the lyrics on a projector screen that wouldn’t line up with the music.)

By using a modern, full-color, digital sign in front of the church building, you’re making a statement—not only with your messaging on the sign, but with the sign itself—that says, “we’re keeping up with the times, and using all the tools God has made available to us to do so.”

2. Easily and Instantly Update Your Sign’s Messaging

Old-fashioned signs may have a lingering allure because of their perceived simplicity—you walk outside, change the letter cards around, and that’s it—anyone can do it.

But let’s be honest: is it really easier than updating the church marquee from your laptop?

With LED digital sign boards, you don’t have to interact with the sign directly—all you have to do is type in the text you want to display, make some basic design choices (really much easier than it sounds with the right software), and boom—your sign has been updated, and you didn’t even have to leave the couch (or pew).

3. Say Anything With Your Sign—and More Than One Thing at a Time

With a static old-fashioned sign, you can’t display more than one message at a time. Also, the message you do display has to fit within the confines of the sign’s real estate, not to mention require only the letters you actually have on hand.

With an LED business sign, there’s practically no limit to the length or amount of messages you can run.

You can set one message to be visible in the morning, and another to be displayed in the afternoon.

You can scroll through Bible verses, church-related jokes (who doesn’t love those?), and announcements for the coming weekend—all automatically, all throughout the week.

Whatever way you look at it, digital signs are more versatile—and more effective.

4. Attract More Eyes to Your Church

This may be the main reason for using a digital sign. LED messages are a lot more attention-grabbing—and more impressive—than what most people are used to in front of a church.

And if your messaging is relevant to your target audience, it won’t be hard to capture people’s interest—and maybe even get them inside on Sunday.

5. Help Protect the Environment

Many people feel that religious circles ought to be more mindful of our duty as stewards of God’s creation. Showing no concern for environmental issues comes across to many as mere negligence—even hypocrisy.

Luckily for us, digital LED sign boards are not only more appealing than other types of business signage—they’re also better for the environment.

LED lights are 80% more energy efficient than fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. They also have a lifespan that’s practically infinite. Best of all, LED lights contain none of the dangerous chemicals that fluorescent and neon signs involve.

Again, using digital LED sign boards makes a statement about your church and its community. Not only does it signal that you’re a church that keeps up with the times and utilizes technological advancements, but that you’re also taking steps to be good stewards of God’s creation.

6. Digital LED Sign Boards Are a Long-Lasting Investment in Your Church

In general, digital signs are very durable and long-lasting. A good sign from a good company should last your church a very long time. Industry-standard LEDs can last over 11 years—and that’s with constant, 24-hours-a-day use.