So you have a school marquee, but you’re not sure what kind of messages to put up. Here are seven examples of events you can advertise on your sign.

  1. Sports Games: Research has shown that student athletes get a self-esteem boost when more people come to watch their sporting events. You can put a message on your school marquee sign so that friends, family, and community members know about the game and can come cheer on the students.

  2. Music Concerts: There are many students in every school that participate in band, chorus, marching band, special choirs, and more that would love to have a bigger audience. Marquee signs for schools can be used to let the community know that a concert is happening so they can attend.

  3. School Plays or Musicals: The arts programs at school need all the support they can get, and a great way to get a bigger audience is to advertise the event on outdoor school signs. Students will feel supported, and the community can enjoy a night of entertainment.

  4. Academic Competitions: Many times, academic competitions happen off school grounds, including places like other schools, community centers, or elsewhere. Using outdoor signs for schools can help you let the community know where they can find their students competing for that event.

  5. Fundraisers: When students want to do almost anything, like go on a trip, get new uniforms, etc., they need to put on a fundraiser. Advertising on marquee signs for schools is a great way to get the community involved to help fund the project for the students. It can be hard for every student to stop at every door in town, so using the sign can be more efficient.

  6. Homecoming Events: Homecoming is the time when school spirit is the highest and what better way to amp up the energy than to get the community involved in the events? There are games, pep rallies, family nights, and so much more.

  7. PTA and School Board Meetings: Most school board and PTA meetings are open to the public, and it’s important for the community to know when they are so they can attend. Many important decisions are made during these meetings, and often times the audience is allowed to speak up.

Roughly 71% of people often look at the messages on roadside signs, whether they are traditional or digital. Getting the community involved in the school is beneficial for pretty much everyone. Try advertising some of these events on marquee signs for schools to see if you get more participation from the community.