Outdoor LED business signs are the ideal marketing strategy to increase your ROI. Signage on your property is an effective and inexpensive form of advertising. Continue reading to discover seven ways to increase your ROI with custom outdoor LED business signs.

1. Choose the Best Location

Did you know that, according to Bradongaille.com, 85% of consumers use businesses that are within a five-mile radius of where they work or live? Place outdoor LED business signs in the ideal location. Keep them away from structures and landscaping that could block the view.

2. Invest in Quality Materials for the Climate

Materials matter when it comes to creating quality outdoor LED business signs. They need to withstand the climate and weather of your business location. LED signage experts design signs that advertise well under many conditions, even when exposed to direct sunlight, wind, snow, and rain. Whatever Mother Nature can throw at you, quality LED signs can handle it.

3. Get Proper Lighting for Changing Environments

LED lighting is important during the dawn, twilight, and after the sun has set. Get the most out of outdoor LED business signs by automating brightness with sensors. The sensors trigger light level adjustments so you don’t have to worry. Your sign will meet ambient conditions and remain visible with proper lighting.

4. Use Color for Brand Association

34% of consumers in America associate your brand with the colors used in your signs. Include the colors used for your branding on outdoor LED business signs. Colors trigger emotional responses and impact readability, as well.

5. Install the Proper Size and Type of Power Supply

LED signage will burn out if underpowered or overpowered. Outdoor LED business signs need the proper amount of power to fit your design choices. LED sign experts will discuss your power options so you get the right type and size of power supply.

6. Keep LED Signs Aesthetically Pleasing

Light diffusing technology makes LED signs aesthetically pleasing. It prevents blemishes and uneven light distribution from distorting the face of signs. Turn to top sign providers for LED signs using recommended illuminating products.

7. Use Services Provided by Custom Signage Experts

Custom sign experts have what it takes to create outstanding LED business signs. Friendly associates will guide you through the entire process. Save time and money using their services and watch your ROI increase.

Reach out to the professionals at Signs Plus if you have additional questions about how to maximize ROI with LED signage. We can help you navigate the world of signs and decide what makes sense for your business!