led signs

Approximately 35% of people report that they wouldn’t have known a business existed had it not been for a sign that advertised their store. While traditional signage is still important, LED signs are taking over the business worldin multiple industries.

It’s no question that technology has allowed advertising to come further than it ever has, but those changes aren’t just taking place online. The addition of LED signs to businesses all over the world has opened the eyes of many to just how important signage is for business. Here are a few reasons that every business should invest in signs.


While this isn’t an argument for LED business signs in particular, it is one for signs in general. If your store is located on a side street that only sees foot traffic and you want people on the main drag to come in, a sign out on the corner is always a great strategy. In fact, most people will go out of their way to explore.

Brand Promise

This is something every sign should accomplish. Your sign should display messages consistent with the quality and nature of your services. If your business has a set of colors associated with it, any scrolling marquee sign or LED sign can easily be programmed to display them.

Special Occasions

Every town has its traditions and festivals, so why not cater to those crowds when they arrive? Electric business signs can be programmed to display unique messages to whomever you may be trying to address. This is an especially big advantage if your business is in the main area of your town and sees a lot of foot traffic during local events.


If you were to go up against your competition armed with digital LED business signs, odds are they wouldn’t stand a chance. Signage gets people to notice your storefront. Even if they don’t walk in the first time, seeing a sign piques interest in countless customers.

Signs are so much more than simply flashy toys to grab attention. They can add real value to your storefront and bring new customers in who may have never stopped by before. Don’t discount the importance of signs, especially if you own a brick and mortar business.