digital signs for schools

Approximately 71% of drivers typically look at messages on roadside billboards, but billboards aren’t the type of signage that’s taking over the advertising world. Instead, LED signs are the hot topic among sign industry gurus.

From digital signs for schools to church marquee signs, we live in a digital age, which means digital signage. However, there may be a few things you never knew about digital signage before: 

Digital media in public spaces reaches more customers than Facebook ads

According to an Arbitron study from 2010, digital signs reach a shocking amount of people. Data revealed that at least 70% had seen a digital sign within the last month, versus just 43% who saw ads on Facebook. And it’s no question that the number of LED business signs has only grown since then.

Customers actually engage with digital signs

Believe it or not, digital signage actually does make an impression on customers. Of the 70% of consumers who reported seeing a sign, 47% remembered a specific advertisement. That means nearly half of people looking at signs are taking in the information.

Digital signs drive impulse purchases

Approximately 19% of consumers claim to have made unplanned purchases because they saw a specific product advertised digitally. So if you’ve ever suddenly craved Doritos after seeing then digitally advertised, you’re not alone. If you’re looking to spice up your point-of-sale signs, this is the way to go.

They stay relevant longer than static signs

Because a digital sign can feature movement and color, more people will notice them, and for longer. The number of impressions logged by a static sign peaked during its first day of placement and significantly dropped off afterwards. However, digital signs received much more consistent numbers of impressions for the duration of their display time.

They’re popping up in more unexpected places

Digital signs for schools weren’t always a popular item. In fact, they’ve only just recently come into popularity, as they can advertise specific events and announce important information to both students and parents. In 2011 alone, approximately 2,240 universities installed digital signage, and they’re becoming common sights at high schools, too.

Digital signage and advertising may still be a relatively new addition to the world, but with all of the positive feedback they’ve received, they’re definitely going to be sticking around for a while.