Can changing a sign or adding LED signs for business really increase revenue? According to the experts, simply adding a new sign, changing its location, or going bolder, can actually increase revenue by about 7.7%.

Digital signs for business are a great option for going bolder, going bigger, changing your message, and more. Digital signs for business get the attention of consumers while providing business owners with a greater range of options.

Suggestions, Directions, and Announcements

Digital signs for business owners deliver a new type of communication power. Instead of a stationary sign for announcing sales, or providing direction, and branding, you can have one sign that does it all. LED signs for businesses are easily customizable to your specific need even as that need changes.

LED signs for business owners put the power to communicate your message with your audience in your hands. Here are some things that business owners use these signs to convey:

  • Sales information
  • Direction
  • Brand awareness

You can easily communicate with your audience without ever having to utter a word with digital signs for business. From business hours to historical information, to reminders, sales, and more, these types of signs deliver your message.

Consumers appreciate transparency and information sharing. They can collect the information they need to know about your business to make an informed decision without having to ask questions. These signs are a fast information delivery method that consumers really appreciate.

A recent survey revealed that 84% of business owners that use digital signs for business felt that the signage increased business for them. It can do the same for your business. A well-designed digital sign can draw customers into your business and keep them coming back for more.

Cost-Effective Communication

Digital signs for business are a cost-effective communication tool. LED signs use energy-saving LED bulbs that are bright and long-lasting, and use little energy, to convey your message. That means your signage can be cost-effective and energy-conserving without sacrificing style.

LED bulbs have a life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours. That means your sign will be highly functional year after year. Of course, LED bulbs burn much less energy than traditional light bulbs. Digital signs for business are an all-around winning situation.

Learn more about modern signage for businesses and how it can help you brand your business, get attention from consumers, and help to up your sales revenue.