full color led signsIt seems that everywhere you look, you can find an LED sign. Whether it be on school marquees, municipal signs, or signs for churches, outdoor LED displays are everywhere. But have you ever thought about where they came from? Here is a brief background on the history of full color LED signs.

LED stands for light emitting diode. They are connected to an electric component that lights up when connected to direct currents and have the ability to emit infrared, ultraviolet, and electroluminescent lights.

It all started when British scientist Henry Joseph Round discovered that inorganic materials could light up with the application of a current. Sadly, his discovery was quickly forgotten until 1927.

Enter in Russian physicist Oleg Lossew. He observes the same effect, titling it the “Round Effect,” and continues to study it from 1927 to 1942.

But the French had some findings of their own. French physicist Georges Destriau identifies light emission in zinc sulfide in 1935. Considered the inventor of electroluminescence, he calls this effect “Lossew Light,” giving honor to Oleg Lossew.

Scientists then discovered in 1951 how to develop a transistor, which helps to explain light emission.

The first industrial produced LED light was put on the market in 1962. It was bright red, but by 1971 green, orange, and yellow lights made their debut.

The 90s brought white light in 1995. Fast forward to 2010, and you will find the emerging technology of certain color LEDs being able to produce a luminous efficiency of 250 lumens per watt. Today, LED technology is considered the technology of the future.

With this in mind, what business wouldn’t want technology of the future to help promote their business? Full color LED signs are incredibly powerful advertising tools, as 35% of people would not have seen a shop without their sign. More than one-third of consumers report looking at outdoor led displays whenever they see one, so imagine the business that you can bring into your shop! Additionally, studies show that adding a full color LED sign to your business will directly affect your revenue, a large sign has the ability to improve sales revenue by eight percent!

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