There are many references to signs in the Bible. Prophets promised and believed the Lord would send signs, believers ask to see signs, and innumerable revelations and moments are all labeled as signs. Today, signs are just as essential. Spiritual signs as referenced in the Bible are just a revered today and can be shared better when your church invests in a church marquee sign.

Up to 71% of people on roads and streets look at messages conveyed by roadside billboards whether they are traditional or a combination of traditional and digital. A church marquee will assist you in communicating with congregation members as well as other people in your community. The key to a successful ministry is communicating and there is no better way to communicate 24/7 than a church marquee sign.

Go Digital with Church Marquee Signs

A cost-effective solution to reaching more people and attracting new congregation members is outdoor electric signs for churches. Digital signage displays valuable information about your church and uplifting messages to the public in a very attractive manner. LED signage is the answer when you are trying to uphold your strong congregation.

There Are a Variety of Electronic Church Signs

Do you already know what type of church marquee sign you want for your church? Choose from outdoor church signs ranging from LED signs to changeable copy message signs. The sign you want can be created as a standalone LED sign or a combination of a permanent lightbox with the church logo and name and an LED display. No matter which types you choose, experienced signage companies will help you create the sign you envision.

Your church marquee sign will be created using quality signage from top manufacturers. Watch your new church sign gather new attendees, communicate messages for public outreach, and display encouraging messages as well as public service announcements. When you choose LED signage, you are also getting an easier and more effective sign to manage in comparison to traditional signs.

Can a Church Sign Really Pull in More People?

Simply put, yes. Church marquee signs encourage individuals to go to a church that is new to them. Per a study conducted by the National Evangelistic Association, up to 10% of people start attending a new church especially because of the messaging on their sign. When you think about it, a new LED church sign has the ability to attract new members and make them long-term worshipers.

An attractive LED sign is ideal for attracting people that have just moved into your community that are searching for a new church home. Consider a digital church sign to be another form of outreach. It is a spectacular method that creates a strong, faithful impact and impression for the church people want to attend.

Share Your Message on an Upgraded Sign

Are you ready to upgrade your church sign? A new LED church marquee sign is easier to operate and change and has a lot of features. LED signs give your church plenty of opportunities to cut costs. Let sign specialists assist you in determining the elements you want to use and upgrade.

Have Fun with Church Sign Messages

Get people excited and motivated about praise and worship with unique church sign messages. The best sayings also make people smile and laugh as they pass your church signage. Not only can you include important information, but your church can also share jokes, Bible verses, puns, and informational alerts. Messages that are the best resonate with your church’s core audience. You could even have your congregation submit ideas.

Contact Signage Specialists

Church signs do more than just advertise, they spread happiness and improve engagement. Boost the exposure of your church with a new church marquee sign designed to fit the personality of your church. Contact signage specialists to get a custom quote for their services today.