Our schools are vital to the advancement of our communities, and they’re an important marker for our success. A school marquee can serve many purposes, and it’s vital that the messages they display are noticed by all. School is almost in session, which means it’s necessary to get information out to students and the public at large. Whether you opt for an outdoor LED display or a scrolling marquee sign, here are a few reasons why you should invest in eye-catching school signage this September.

Most importantly, adding vibrant LED display or scrolling marquee signs to your school marquee will get your school noticed. In fact, 37% of people report that they look at an outdoor sign at every time they pass it, and with a dynamic display, even more folks will take note. Events at school tend to be central to the community, and you want to ensure that local residents are up-to-date on the goings-on at your institution. LED signs can be a great option: they make for a spectacular display, and are so bright that they’re visible even during daylight hours (but are not so distracting or luminous that they pose a hazard to drivers).

A digital school marquee can also be used to congratulate students and staff on their achievements. Whether you want to celebrate a football victory or recognize a valued teacher’s employment anniversary, important events and milestones can be shared and seen by all by using an outdoor LED sign.

The school marquee can also be used to share important information with students and the public at large. Emergency warnings, school closures, safety messages and more can be shared with ease — and you’ll be assured that people will pay attention.

There are also tons of options for your school signage: in addition to traditional, changeable letter marquees, you can invest in single-color, tri-color, or full-color LED signs. Any kind of LED sign has impact, but with a full-color LED sign, your school will really pack a punch. And because the maintenance required is minimal, you can devote your staff’s time to educational duties.

However you decide to display your school’s messages, important information needs to be seen by all. We can help with all of your school signage needs.