Most people probably know (or can easily guess) why electronic signs for businesses are a good idea for attracting attention. But while it’s true that 17% of all Best Buy customers walked in because of their sign, what benefits does an outdoor LED sign for schools offer?

At one time, a school only needed a single, static outdoor sign to get by. Perhaps this was because simpler times lent themselves to fewer newsworthy updates. But in today’s fast-paced landscape, communication is all about keeping everyone engaged and informed, as efficiently as possible.

To support this trend, an outdoor LED sign for schools can really come in handy. Besides making your school look modern and exciting, LED signs for schools offer several practical benefits to students and faculty members.

Prevent Missing Information

If you’ve ever had a child guilty of stuffing important papers into their backpack and then forgetting them by mistake, you know how difficult it can be when you lack the information you need. Digital signs can’t be stuffed into a backpack or lost in the trash, so when you need to share important information with the entire school, they’re the most reliable and noticeable option.

Save Money on Paper

Most schools already have to abide by strict budgets just to get by. Besides paying the staff, there must be enough money for textbooks and supplies, and to make routine repairs and upgrades to the building.

So when it comes to communicating information to students and faculty members, why not save a little money on paper by posting is as a shared message on your outdoor sign? From major congratulations to announcements about meetings and days off, if it’s spelled out in lights, you can be sure everyone will see it — without having to print dozens of paper notices to pass around.

Enjoy Up-to-the-Minute Communication

When you’re dealing with an entire student body all at once, a lot of plans can change from one moment to the next. Besides the insane amount of energy and time required to keep everyone on the same page, timing issues can arise when you’re dealing with last-minute changes scribbled on scrap papers or frantic email messages.

Say goodbye to editor’s notes and revised comments forever by using an instantly-updatable outdoor LED sign for schools. With a digital school sign, you can immediately broadcast updates and messages, and edit them as needed, at the touch of a button.

Schedule Messages to Broadcast Ahead of Time

Instant communication is amazing, but you aren’t limited to sending out messages the moment they become relevant. With cloud-based sign software, you can make changes to your sign from anywhere, and set these changes to activate at pre-scheduled times.

Communicating with an entire school community can be daunting. Your staff already has plenty of things to remember and to get done, and each message that needs to go on the sign may have a different intended audience. To avoid making everyone struggle to remember what needs to go up on the sign and when, just use software to set these changes to happen automatically. And since your sign can be changed again at a moment’s notice (again, from anywhere with the right software), you can always alter messages later after they go live if something changes.

Keep Your Students Engaged

Whether your school serves students in kindergarten or high school, they’re more accustomed to seeing flashy technology around than any generation ever before. A static, unlit sign is just as likely to be ignored as it is to get read. Because messages on LED signs are typically changing every few seconds to address different topics and communities, it’s human nature for kids (and adults) to watch for the next message to see whether it applies to them or not. If they think they can already guess what the sign says before looking at it, it will no longer be a source of interest or curiosity, and they’ll likely ignore it.

As you can see, there’s a lot more to having an outdoor LED sign for schools than looking flashy and trendy. From having fewer papers to track down to enjoying instant communication with your community, there are lots of benefits to having an outdoor LED sign for your school.