Whether you want to show the world that your new store is open for business or communicate more effectively with your community, digital LED sign boards can dramatically impact your business performance. And that’s not an exaggeration — 35% of people would not have discovered a new business if it hadn’t been for their outdoor signage.

In years past, before digital LED sign boards became available, companies would rely on neon signs to announce their presence to potential customers. While neon was the go-to choice for many years, LED signs for businesses are an even cheaper and more effective alternative.

So before you invest in an expensive new sign for your business, keep reading to learn about the top benefits of digital LED sign boards over alternative options.

Brilliant Colors, Unmatched Brightness

As we’ve mentioned, before there was LED lighting, there was neon. While neon lights could glow brightly in a range of colors, the effect could only be achieved using rarefied neon or other gases. Over time, some cities started to ban the use of neon lights, with codes against their use in storefronts.

But perhaps the most disappointing thing about neon lighting is that it wasn’t as effective during the day. That’s where LED lights shine (literally): LED lights can be seen just as vividly during broad daylight as they can at night. As another advantage, they come in a wider array of colors than neon lighting.

Superior Energy Efficiency

For decades, the sign industry has been responsible for consuming more than its fair share of electricity. However, thanks to energy-efficient LED lighting, that no longer has to be the case. Whereas neon lights and conventional bulbs create a lot of heat when in use, and take a lot of energy to run, LED lights are much cooler and use very little electricity. This makes them the “green” option for every color!

LEDs Last Longer

Besides the cost of electricity used to run old-fashioned lighted signs, neon, and incandescent lighting would need to be replaced often. This was not only costly, since new bulbs and components would need to be purchased relatively often, but it was also time-consuming. No business wants to hire someone to constantly run up and down a ladder to a maintain a custom-built sign.

Compared to other lighting methods, LEDs have a very long lifespan. In fact, they are known to last 25 times as long as incandescent lights, and thousands of hours longer than neon systems. As another plus, LED lights don’t bring the risk of being broken as easily or leaking gas, which means the lights won’t go dim or disappear from breakage.

Enhanced Versatility

The most important thing about having a sign outside your business is making your brand stand out. While older lighting systems were more difficult and costly to customize, LED sign boards are easy to have designed in any way you like, to set your business apart.

From their enhanced appearance to their durability, these are some of the top reasons why LED signs are superior to alternatives.