If you’re trying to gain a larger consumer base, there’s no better way to target locals than by using quality business signage. In fact, more than 68% of respondents to a recent survey claimed they frequently or sometimes make shopping decisions while in the car. Seeing a great business sign might be the difference between making a sale and losing a customer.

However, your outdoor LED display won’t pack a punch without a call to action. When you’re crafting a fun design for your electric business signs, consider using these tips to get a response from passerby.

Rely on actions words

Consumers are constantly bombarded with ads and business signage every day. The only way you’re going to catch the attention of passerby is by using carefully selected language on your GSA signs. Action words and trigger words that are relevant to your business are two methods used to pique customer attention.

Action words shirk passive voice for direct messages aimed at the consumer. For example, saying, “You can find us today,” doesn’t pack a punch like “Visit us today!” This prompts a sense of urgency in your audience. When these action words are paired with quality trigger words like “sale,” “free,” or “today only,” you’re more likely to get people through your door.

Consider the response you want

When you’re crafting a call to action, consider what action you want your consumer to perform. Some businesses might want to improve their social media presence while others are seeking new job applicants. Others will simply want to market a new sale. Regardless, all of these businesses should consider their audience and what action they want to inspire from their customers.

For the first business, a great call to action would include social media sites that they use along with any handles or hashtags to look for online. The second business that wants new hires won’t get any applicants if the consumer doesn’t know where to go. This business would want to include a simple phrase like, “apply within,” or “apply online today.” That way, a potential hire will know where to go. When you want a specific response garnered from your GSA signs, be sure to steer your audience in the right direction.

Whether you’re crafting new GSA signs or investing in marquee signs, rely on Signs Plus to craft the perfect display for your business. Contact one of our representatives today for more information!