led business signsLED business signs are effective marketing tools for any size business. They have the ability to make your business and its brand noticeable which will perk a potential customer’s curiosity and drive them to explore what you have to offer. With 71% of people looking at the messages on roadside billboards, and more than one-third of people looking at an outdoor ad every time they pass one, LED business signs are crucial for targeting new customers. Whether it be a church marquee sign, electric business signs, school marquees, or municipal signs, 35% of people wouldn’t have discovered an institution if it hadn’t been for their sign.

Here are some creative LED messaging ideas that will bring those customers in!

An Unique Approach:

  • “It is All Fun and Games Until Someone Ends Up in a Cone” (veternary office)
  • ” Drop Your Pants Here and You Will Get Prompt Attention” (dry cleaners)
  • “Best Place in Town to Take a Leak” ( tire repair service)

Time Sensitive Specials:

  • “Buy Bed, Get Free One Night Stand”
  • “Run on in- 2 Day Sale on All Sneakers”
  • “Frying Nemo: Friday Fish Frys all Month Long!”
  • “Buy One Service, Get One Free- This Weekend Only!”

Holiday Promotions

  • “In the Mood to Be Wined and Dined? Make Your Reservation for Valentines Day Today!”
  • “Find the Best Chicken Wing Dip Here This Super Bowl Sunday!”
  • “The Easter Bunny Stopped By Early: All Chocolate 50% Off”
  • “Be on Santa’s Good List and Stop Here for Everything You Need For the Holidays”

New Product Information

  • “Just in- New 2017 Kia Souls are Here!. Pick Your Color”
  • “Fresh Lobster Straight Off the Boat!”
  • “New Spring Styles are Here!”


  • “Voted Best Burger in Town, 2014”
  • “Home of the 2015 National Soccer Champions”

Display your customers on a big screen! You can include anything from church gatherings, picnics, customer appreciation, employee of the month, etc.


  • “Happy Thanksgiving From Our Family To Yours”
  • “Welcome home, Lt. Jones!”
  • “May the New Year Bring You Into Our Store!”


  • “Looking for Jesus? Well, We Found Him”
  • “Birthday Suits Tailored Here!”
  • “Open 7 Days a Week, And Sundays!”
  • “Toilet Paper Doesn’t Grow on Trees. Donate Here Today” (YMCA)
  • “We’ve Got Crabs- Downstairs!”
  • “Whoever is Praying for Snow, Please Stop!”

Job Openings

  • “We are Hiring! Come in Today!”
  • “We are Hiring! Come Sell Your Soul to Us Today!”

If you have any questions, feel free to share in the comments.