The days when traditional tools of advertising were every institution’s number one advertising strategy are gone. As per recent research and studies, statistics prove that an on-site sign has equal value to 24 full-page newspaper ads yearly. Similarly, LED signage draws approximately 72% more interest from the target audience than web and traditional advertising. These facts imply that you could unknowingly be spending more money than you would on digital signage.

Currently, small businesses and non-profit organizations are ditching newspapers, TV, and radio. They are opting for digital advertising tools – LED signs precisely. This is because, unlike a decade ago, we are more familiar with digital trends and technology. You probably have noticed local businesses, churches, or schools use attention-grabbing LED signs and wondered if you are ready to make the switch too.

So, what makes you feel sure that choosing an LED school or business signs is a step you will never regret?

1. Lights Are Easy to Spot Anytime

LED signs attract a lot of attention during the day and at night, contrary to static ones! Roughly 86% of businesses notice an increase in sales and customers after installing LED signage.

The bright lights and high visibility is easy to notice, even in crowded areas. Furthermore, this type of digital signage is visible over longer distances, thus attracting new customers than online marketing. LED school signs also spread messages fast in cases of events, safety, and announcements.

2. LED Signs Are Affordable and Durable

When it comes to running or managing a company or institution, one of the main objectives is to save as much money as possible while increasing profits/returns. Digital signage is a long-term advertising investment that can last nearly a decade if properly maintained.

The sturdy materials used in designing the signs are weather-resistant, making them less predisposed to rain, sun, and temperature changes. Subsequently, they do not require a lot of energy to run, meaning they are cost-effective and friendly to the surrounding environment.

3. Outdoor LEDs Have a Higher ROI

“Your company or organization may offer the world’s greatest services or product at the right price with excellent customer service and in an ideal location, but it will not succeed unless customers know about it.” This ancient adage cannot be more true about marketing.

When it comes to advertising, you have to account for production costs and the cost of running. If you lack a foolproof strategy, your ROI will be worryingly low. In most cases, small outdoor led displays do not require a rental space or a production budget, making your return on investments ratio greater.

4. Increases Awareness

LED school signs to create help make quick announcements, display upcoming events, and boost student enrollment. On the other hand, the signage enhances brand awareness for businesses and generates income for churches and non-profit organizations.

5. Minimizes Paper Consumption

LED school signs are eco-friendly since they lessen paper consumption. By reducing print paper marketing, you contribute to a greener earth.

Digital signs are not only advantageous to the retail industry. Schools, churches, and many facilities rely on digital-led signboards to increase performance and their services or products. For one-of-a-kind, eye-catching led signs for businesses, churches, schools among others, trust Signs Plus Signs – you won’t be disappointed.