electronic business signs


Signs matter. Though we may gripe about the billboards dotting the highways or flip past magazine or newspaper ads and walk past countless signs on the street, they all do affect us to some degree. Even if we’re not trying to look, we can’t help ourselves — almost 40% of people say that they looked at an outdoor ad every time (or most of the time) they went by one. Signs are also a cost-effective and timeless manner of advertising, and they’re important for your business.

Of course, the question then becomes: How do I make the signs for my business stand out amid the hundreds of other signs out there?

Making your signs unique, like investing in electronic business signs, outdoor LED displays, or a scrolling marquee sign are just of a few of the great options out there.

Here’s Why Signs Matter

Here’s a fact for you: around 35% of people wouldn’t have found a business they now patronize if it wasn’t for their sign. How many times have you stopped into a shop as you were on another errand or simply out for a walk because their storefront or sign was appealing and drew you in? And studies back up the importance of signs — putting a sign in or changing a sign has a direct, positive result on sales revenue. A bigger sign on a storefront wall can boost revenue by as much as 7.7%!

And let’s take billboards, for example. Almost 60% of adults said they learned about an event they’d consider going to thanks to a billboard. Over 30% of people who took a poll said they visited a retailer that advertised on a billboard later in the week after seeing the board and almost 30% took down a phone number or website that was on a billboard.

It’s simple advertising, but it’s effective. Signs help let us know what’s around us, where to go to find things we need and suggest things that maybe we didn’t even know we wanted in the first place.

What are Some of the Most Effective Signs?

Less is more. Signs with bold, simple logos or branding catch people’s attention. Strong primary colors also draw the eye. You want to avoid clutter and choose fonts and graphics that are easy to read from a distance and decipher. Repeating logos on your signs can help create a branding image that will stick with customers — think about the Geico gecko or Mr. Clean, for example.

Electronic business signs can also make a company more visible and are a bit more versatile than traditional signs. Messages can often be preprogrammed into them and easily changed without the extra expense of taking one sign down, having another drawn up, and replacing the old sign. Electronic business signs can easily deliver important information to customers and are more attention grabbing than static, printed signs.

How Can I Make My Sign Stand Out?

Look around you and see what your competitors are doing. If there too many busy, colorful signs, perhaps you might want to try a simple black and white sign that stands out from the crowd. Does everyone have static printed signs? Try electronic business signs or outdoor LED signs!

Reach out to customers with your signs. Many coffee shops or restaurants will put funny jokes, sayings, or puns on outdoor sidewalk signs that engage customers and make them stop. Even if they just take a picture of the sign to share with someone, they may remember the restaurant or store and come back later.

Make sure your signs are also useful. Displaying store hours and contact information helps customers get crucial information early on and makes it easy for them to find you again. Advertising sales and specials is a great way to get people in the door, but you want to make sure that they know where to come again, too.

Don’t discount the humble business sign. Signage has been shown time and time again to be an incredibly effective advertising tool.