electronic signs

Are you looking for a new and innovative way to get your message out to the world? If so, you might want to think about electronic signs. The bottom line is that they get great results, especially for groups that are involved in many, varied activities. Here are five great reasons to use electronic signs for your group or business.

Electronic Signs Are Popular

“Sign, sign, everywhere a sign.” This line from the 1970 song by the Five Man Electrical Band still rings true today. If you haven’t yet considered electronic signs, this may be the time to do so. Of the global lighting market, 53% is estimated to be penetrated by LEDs in 2019. So join the crowd; electronic signs are changing the way we advertise right now.

Electronic Signs Can Increase Sales

Now, let’s look at dollars and cents. Signage definitely has a significant impact on sales. In fact, there have been studies done which show this to be true. Sales revenue actually has been shown to improve directly when a sign is added or changed. In addition, studies also show that bigger is better; when a large sign was put up instead of a smaller wall sign, and it was shown to result in a 7.7% increase in revenue. This could be a game-changer for your group.

Electronic Signs Show Ambition

Electronic signs will tell the world something about your group. It will show that you are on top of business and advertising trends. Colorful, exciting possibilities for outdoor school signs include a scrolling marquee sign, an outdoor LED display, or even electronic message boards. Electronic signs are a new trend in a world of instant communication and electronic sophistication.

Electronic Signs Are Attention-Getters

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? You will, with this type of advertising. There’s no way around it: we live in a very busy time. We are all constantly bombarded with advertisements and exposed to visual and auditory stimulation day in and day out. People need to see your business, your church group, or your school. Dazzling outdoor LED signs will definitely catch the attention of people passing by.

Electronic Signs Are Innovative

Using hi-tech and up-to-date technology will say a lot about your group. You will excite your students, faculty, parents, and the entire community with electronic signs. There are so many reasons for creating this type of display; some examples would be a sports event, a concert, a theater performance, a car wash, or a bazaar, to name just a few.

Clear and engaging signage is essential in today’s world. Thinking outside the box is a sure “sign” of creativity and innovation, which will help your organization flourish.

Are you looking for signs for schools? Church marquee signs? Commercial business signs? Signs for government? Electronic signs are a great way for you to gain attention, visibility, and potentially even increase sales for your group.