Schools have sporting events to promote, businesses have sales to advertise, and churches have inspirational messages to display. The best way to show these messages to the public, at a negligible energy cost, is to install church, business, or school LED signs. Most people have already seen what these signs can do while simply walking around, but if you still remain unconvinced, consider these key advantages of LED signage.

Unparalleled energy efficiency

Have you ever touched an LED and recoiled in pain? The answer to this question will always be, “No, of course not!” because, as we all know, LEDs are cool to the touch. Anyone from up north who enjoys a warm home in the winter knows that heat is expensive, as it takes a lot of energy. Any heat being released by an incandescent bulb or another inefficient light source is energy that is being wasted. LEDs run at a lower voltage than other lights, dramatically reducing energy consumption.

Valuable flexibility

Neon signs may be eye-catching, but at a cost — once they have been manufactured, they cannot be changed. This essentially limits them to whatever purpose they were made for initially. Digital LED sign boards, on the other hand, can be programmed to display whatever you want, whenever you want. These infinitely adaptable electronic business signs can display information about a special promotion, an upcoming event, an inspirational message — anything you can think of. They can even be programmed to display dynamic, animated messages, attracting attention more effectively than any static sign could ever hope to.

Incredibly long-lasting

The efficient, consistent luminous output of LEDs can last for decades. LEDs are rated to survive nearly 100,000 hours of run-time, with little-to-no maintenance needed in that time. This efficiency is not to the detriment of power, either — in fact, LEDs have a far greater viewing distance than virtually all incandescent, fluorescent, and neon lights.

More than one-third of people surveyed report that they read an ad when they pass it. Utilize this attention with an adaptable LED sign which can display any information you wish to convey. Call today and join the countless Americans who have received electronic business signs from Signs Plus.