Today, millions of students are involved in so many extracurricular activities. Big schools and small schools alike offer tons of programs, clubs, and sports for their students to participate in. In many communities, these student activities aren’t just rewarding for the students themselves, but they also enrich the community as well.

Whether it’s a choral concert or a Friday night football game, the audience for most of these events are the family members of the kids. Parents, siblings, and grandparents come and cheer on their children at every after-school activity that they can.

But not everyone school event gets the attendance and recognition it deserves, and students can tell when the crowd is lacking in attendance. This can have a serious negative effect. Students won’t feel supported, they might drop out of their extracurricular activities, and then the programs are eliminated by the administration of the school. How do we stop this from happening?

Community involvement is the biggest way to combat these issues. If more people than just the immediate families of the students show up to their events, the kids will certainly feel the difference. Bigger crowds and more support will encourage the kids to keep at it and try their very best.

So how do you get the community involved? Marquee signs are one fantastic option. Digital and LED school marquee signs are the best way of letting the community know what is going on at the school. Outdoor school signs can display messages that people will see when they drive by the school. The school can change the sign every week and let the community know what events are happening that week.

About 58% of poll respondents over the age of 18 say they have learned about events from signs and outdoor billboards, so this type of advertising really works. Electronic signs allow schools to update their messages easily without having to go outside and manually change out all the letters every single week. Although this is true, traditional sign boards are still better than nothing when it comes to getting the word out to the community about events at school.

There are several types of events that can be advertised on outdoor signs for schools to help get the community to attend. Here are a few examples:

  1. Sports Games
  2. Music Concerts
  3. School Plays or Musicals
  4. Acedemic Competitions
  5. Fundraisers
  6. Homecoming Events

These are just a few of the many events that can be advertised on a school’s marquee sign to get the community more involved in supporting the students. If you’re looking for digital marquee signs for your school, contact Signs Plus today to learn more about your options.