For parents, teachers, and administrators alike, the challenge of garnering community participation in school events can be a frustrating one. Everyone touts the importance of community involvement, but when the day of an event comes around it’s as if no one had even heard of it. With the world as hectic as it is, the possibility of would-be attendees missing the memo is large. Use these tips to successfully promote your next school event and see what a difference the right marketing makes.

Target The Right Audience

It’s nearly impossible to get word of your event to every single person in town. Instead, focus on the people who are most likely to attend. If the school is putting on a musical, direct your efforts towards other art groups in the area. Members of these groups will already be invested in the arts and will love the idea of supporting young students on stage. Once you target the right people, these genuinely-interested people will tell their friends and family about the event and word of mouth will spread from there.

Use The School LED Signs

In a poll of people 18 years or older, 58% of respondents said they first learned about an event they later attended from a billboard. If you want the word of your event to spread to as many as possible, put it on outdoor LED school signs. Anyone who drives by easily sees the school LED signs and will inadvertently learn about whatever is on the sign. This method also ensures that the people in the areas closest to the school know about the event. If they know of the event, these people are the most likely to attend because of their geographic proximity.

Don’t Forget About Social Media

You may have created a Facebook event when you first set the date for the event, but you need to do much more on social media to effectively advertise your event. Make sure that you regularly post content on every platform possible in the weeks leading up to the event. You can also create a hashtag to link all of these platforms together and encourage others to post about the event. Be sure to get creative with your posts, and people will start to take note of your fun-filled event.

Whether you take advantage of the school LED signs or delve into the world of social media to advertise your event, you’re taking the right steps to increase attendance. Keep any messages and signage fun and informative, and you’ll see waves of interested people start coming to your events.