A school is comprised of many parts: teachers, buildings, sports equipment, desks, and much more. But when one enters the grounds of a school, especially if they’re driving, what is the first thing that they see? A big welcome sign.

This sign designates the school’s name, address, and perhaps the motto or mascot. It is the “first impression” of the school that students and other visitors see and stays with them as they enter the school grounds.

Many schools have buildings that are outdated and built of older materials. While they are constrained from updating major projects by whatever the public budget allows, smaller projects are usually easy to get through. Smaller projects include: new signage (such as LED signs for schools), painting parking space lines, landscaping (cutting trees/mowing grass), and other “essentials.” By replacing your school’s old non-digital sign with an LED one, you’ll be updating it so that people continue to view it as needed.

After all, 71% of people often look at the messages on roadside billboards (traditional and digital combined) and this includes your school sign. LED signs for schools can be a massive improvement over what your school currently has and are not nearly as expensive as you think. Why should your school update its sign?

Announce Important Events and Messages

Among all the things that LED signs for schools can do, perhaps the most important is announcing important events or messages. This can be anything from “school is closed on Monday” to “do not enter school grounds, cleaning in progress.” This important information is easily conveyed to students, staff, and faculty alike.

Important events can also be announced/reminded on such an LED sign. Anything from prom to football games to a bake sale can be pushed out daily. This allows people to be continually reminded of a school-specific event, which is exactly what school LED signs were designed for.

Display Inspirational/Aspirational Quotes

A clever and educational use of LED signs for schools is to display aspirational or inspirational quotes by famous people that are appropriate for an educational setting. From quoting businessmen (such as Steve Jobs or Henry Ford) to civic leaders (such as Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr.), quotes that inspire students to be motivated to learn and aspire to achieve more with their lives should be welcome in an educational setting. Perhaps faculty members or members of the student body can submit quotes they would like to see in rotation, so everyone can be inspired year-round!

Remind People of Competitions

An important part of being part of a student body is supporting sports and competitive teams. Whether this is football, debate team, or a math competition, a full color LED sign is the perfect space to advertise the competitive events that students are engaging in. This is especially true if your school is known for a particular team (such as baseball, football, or soccer) and you have a rivalry with another local school. This can be the perfect place to pump students and faculty up for an entertaining event.

Full Color Signage Is an Eye-Catcher

Signs for government buildings (including school buildings) tend to be rather plain. They don’t indicate the pride or excitement that one would want to feel upon entering an educational institution. When you think about the mission of a school, which is to mold and enlighten the people within, it is a pretty lofty mission. Instead of having a drab, old sign that simply displays text, why not have videos, images, and everything else that an LED sign can offer?

When you want to give your school’s signage a facelift, look no further than Signs Plus. We can help craft the perfect LED signs for schools of all kinds. Give us a call today!