Choosing a new outdoor LED school sign doesn’t have to be difficult, although there are aspects to consider. The most important aspects include your school’s messaging needs, intended audience, and distance. There are many factors to consider, but the factors below are the most impactful.

Why Choose LED Lighting for Outdoor School Signs?

So, why should you choose an LED sign? They are low maintenance, eco-friendly, and offer high visibility. According to Statista, in 2019, it was predicted that LED lighting would make up 53% of the global lighting market. That percentage has been growing ever since. Recent advances have also lowered the price and made LED lighting an attractive lighting source for outdoor school signs.

What Types of Messages Will Be Displayed?

A school needs to be able to display different types of messages. Many options are available for an outdoor LED school sign, whether you want to display text, dynamic graphics, videos, or all of the above. LED sign specialists can help you choose the ideal signage for your school.

Do You Know the Viewing Distance Needed for Your School Sign?

It is extremely important to know the distance between your sign and the people viewing it. Do you know exactly where you want an outdoor LED school sign to be placed? This will help determine the size of the message area as well as the pixel pitch that will be the most effective. LED sign experts can fully explain everything you need to understand about distance and pixel pitch.

Who Is the Intended Audience?

The audience you want to reach with an outdoor LED school sign is extremely important. If you want to attract more students to enroll, your sign needs to be seen from the road. If you want to display messages for students and parents, consider placing signage near the drop-off lane. Who you need to communicate with will determine the features, size, and pixel pitch of a new outdoor LED school sign.

What Is Your School Sign Spending Budget?

You must have a reasonable budget in place for school signage. An outdoor LED school sign is the most effective way to communicate with students, teachers, parents, and the community. School signs are justified investments that keep on giving. Contact LED sign experts to learn more about LED signs for your school.