Outdoor LED signs can be a significant part of a company’s marketing strategy. There are millions of cars on the road every day and many of them drive right by electronic signs for businesses. Capitalize on the morning commute by investing in full color LED signs.

LED Signs and Energy Savings

Over 50% of the global lighting market is comprised of LEDs. That’s a lot of lights and a lot of money saved by using them! According to The Simple Dollar, household LEDs can cost around $38 over 23 years. That’s $1.65/year to run each lightbulb, on average. Outdoor LED signs can have several thousand light bulbs, and the bulbs typically have 100,000 hours of life. An LED sign saves energy and money in the long run, and that’s not taking into account how much money electronic signs can make for you.

Increase Your Bottom Line

LED business signs generate revenue. They are seen by millions of Americans on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times a day. They are bright, dynamic, and easy for drivers to read. Because so many people see them on their daily commute, they are the perfect advertising medium for businesses looking to increase their sales. About 40% of travelers actively responded to digital signage after they were on the road, in the air, traveling by train, etc., and that is with millions of people traveling every day. That’s almost half of all people traveling! Take advantage of all of that advertising gold.

Outdoor LED Sign for School

Not just for traditional businesses, outdoor LED signs for school make perfect sense. Digital signs for schools can have many practical purposes. They can be used to share school schedule updates or notify parents of upcoming school events. LED signs for schools can be used to display information for students, and they can even be used to display dietary and pricing information to students in the cafeteria. An outdoor LED sign for school can help make your school feel welcoming by sharing warm messages and greetings, and electronic message boards for schools can share information that reduces the need for lengthy announcements and interruptions. There are many reasons to invest in an outdoor LED sign for school.

Digital LED business signs are a great way to save money on energy over time and increase your bottom line. An outdoor LED sign for schools is a practical way to convey information without disrupting class. Whether researching on behalf of your local PTA or as the owner of your own small business, we can help you make a decision.