You may have noticed that the church marquee signs that you remember from your childhood have evolved over the years. Whereas once they were traditional billboard-like signs, more recently they’ve started to be based more on LED lights. There’s a reason why churches have often relied upon these roadside signs. While churches do have websites today, they still often attract attention from passersby thanks to roadside signs. These signs can advertise a church’s service times, as well as the types of services being conducted. Often, people try out a church simply because they saw a church marquee sign advertising it.

As much as we may think that billboard signs are old-fashioned, they’re simple and effective. According to Forbes, 71% of all people often look at the messages on roadside signs, both traditional and digital. With that being said, let’s look into why and how church marquee signs have evolved.

How Have Church Marquee Signs Evolved?

As previously mentioned, the original church marquee signs were often traditional roadside signs. They could be changed as needed with removable and rearrangeable letters. This allowed for a level of flexibility in terms of the messages communicated by the signs. Some signs were even more static, though churches do typically have a need for changing messages (advertising an Easter service one week and a standard service the next week, for example).

Over time, churches largely made the move towards LED signs. These signs initially were favored because they were illuminated. Gradually, LED signs evolved as well and allow for a shift in messaging.

What Are The Benefits of Using LED Signs?

The illumination of LED signs made them highly favored by churches, and with good reason. They can be seen in the early morning and nighttime as clearly as they would be seen during the day. They’re more eye-catching than flat, standard signs. Furthermore, they now are capable of scrolling and changing through remote programming. This requires less effort from church employees and again is more likely to draw the eye as the text scrolls and moves across the screen. Ultimately, everyone benefits further from church marquee signs transitioning to LED.

If you feel as if your church does not have the attendance numbers that it should, consider investing in a new marquee sign. You may be surprised by what a difference it can make!