Signage is extremely important for businesses. It helps to attract customers and brings in profit for your company. It can also help to distinguish the difference between you and other companies. In fact, 35% of people said they wouldn’t have even found a particular business without its signage.

Small businesses, in particular, positively benefit from the use of signs as they are used as a marketing tool. Since small businesses tend to be local, anyone driving by that lives around that area is likely to pay a visit if they see a new business to support.

Not only do signs help you bring new customers into your business, they also help you brand your company. If you have a logo that is associated with your company, you can put LED business signs outside of your location that proudly display the logo. It’s also super important that you continue to use your logo, name, and any other relevant words or pictures consistently over every medium. Once people start seeing that logo over and over, it becomes associated with the company name, which in turn can become a household brand.

Since many business owners have their LED signs attached to the outside of their business or sitting out in front of their store, it must be able to be read clearly by anyone passing by. The letters should be in a readable color and they should stand out from the background. Scrolling marquee signs are great because you can constantly change the message with the push of a button.

When hanging your sign or displaying it in front of your business, make sure the view of your brand isn’t being obstructed. For instance, if there is a tree blocking the sign in the front of your bakery, there’s a pretty big chance that people are going to keep driving past it instead of stopping in for a treat.

LED business signs are a great option for any business that will be open from the morning until it gets dark outside. Since there are LED lights inside of the LED business signs, even if it’s dark out, you will still be able to see what the name of your business is.

Signage is a great way to bring business to your company. By taking these tips and revamping the way you utilize your business signage, you’re opening up the door for increased profit and increased customer visits.