Studies have found that the American public is becoming less religious. Although 77% of American adults still identify with some kind of religious faith, those who are just entering adulthood — those ubiquitous millennials — are far less religious than older folks. In fact, only 27% of millennials say that they attend church on a weekly basis.

To grow the flock, it’s important for churches to attract young people to the congregation. And in the digital age, religious organizations have to be a bit more creative in order to appeal to millennials. But that doesn’t mean you have to abandon what’s worked in the past; your tactics just need to be upgraded a bit. Embracing the use of technology and digital media can work wonders, but there’s a much simpler way to make an impact on these young people in your community: your church marquee.

Church marquee signs are popular for a reason: more than one-third of people surveyed say that they look at outdoor ads or signs each or most of the time they pass one. Although outdoor church signs are useful for communicating important information or highlighting the material for that week’s sermon, there are additional ways to use these church marquee signs that can help bring new congregants into the pews. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Make it clever 
    We’ve all seen those church marquee signs that utilize puns or comment on current events. The reason we’re familiar with them? They’ve gone viral! Such an event may not happen in the case of your church sign, but a clever or funny sign can instantly grab attention. It’ll make people in the community want to find out more about your church. As a group, millennials tend to like puns or references to pop culture. Utilizing these elements will make your church much more relevant in today’s world.

  • Rethink your tone 
    Not all signs for churches need to be funny or comment on culture. If that’s not in-keeping with your church’s central message, then don’t include it on your sign! However, you should put a lot of thought into how you want your church to be perceived. If your congregation is welcoming and tolerant, make sure that’s highlighted in the message on your marquee. Millennials tend to be more open-minded than folks of previous generations. If your church embraces certain values, make sure that’s communicated well. At the same time, make sure the tone of your sign doesn’t scare off potential congregants. While it’s fine to have sermons with a more serious tone, think about what you really want to convey and make sure it’s phrased appropriately.

  • Update regularly 
    You shouldn’t feel pressure to constantly update your sign if it isn’t necessary, but updating its message regularly can drum up interest. LED signs are generally easier to update, plus they’re flashier and tend to get more attention. Whatever type of sign you use, make sure its message is relevant to what’s going on in the church. If you have special events to promote that might appeal to the entire community, make sure those go on the sign. And if you have special guests, unique services, or a sermon that addresses something especially topical, include those!

When it comes to church marquee signs, you need to think about both your congregation and the community-at-large. If you want a better option for your church signage, contact us today! We’d love to help your organization communicate its message more effectively.