church marquee signs

In the digital age, it’s easy to assume that more traditional marketing methods are no longer as effective as they once were. But the reality is that 71% of people say they often look at the messages on roadside billboards, even now. And while you might not think of your church marquee signs as promotional, they’re a great way to bring in new congregants and spread the good word. However, you need to know how to utilize your signs correctly. Below, you’ll find a few pointers that will help make your church marquee signs more effective and allow you to increase your reach.

    • Consider your delivery

      Many signs for churches are recognized on social media for their humor or their intensity. While this may be eye-catching, it often backfires. Although it’s important to appeal to your audience, you don’t want to purposefully alienate anyone either. Polarizing messages on your church marquee signs may do just that. Unless humor is a cornerstone of your congregation or you feel that fire and brimstone are a vital component of your services, try to steer clear of either — or at least approach with trepidation.

  • Invite people in

    Sometimes the most impactful message is the most straightforward one. Instead of trying too hard to be clever, your church may fare better if you send a message that’s simple and welcoming. Alerting passersby to when services take place, Bible camp offerings, or new additions to your church may work a lot better than attempts to be witty. In most cases, providing valuable information and giving a little insight to your mission will be more successful.

  • Keep it short

    Simply put, no one is going to take the time to read a long-winded message on your marquee. Generally, you should keep messages to 10 words or less. That way, your sign will be easy to read but you can still express what you need to. Although the messages may be very different than what you’re trying to send, you can take inspiration from some of your favorite advertising campaigns. They’re probably concise and straightforward but probably make you want to learn more. That’s definitely the way to go with your signage.

Whether you have a target demographic in mind or simply want to bring in more folks from the surrounding community, your signage can be a great place to start. But for your marquee to be successful, you should be sure to implement these tips and update your message regularly.