Digital signs for businesses are highly effective marketing techniques — but only when they really pack a punch. If you are considering using digital signs for your small business, there a few ways to make the copy really catch eyes. And since 68% of respondents in a recent survey reported making shopping decisions from their car, it’s certainly worth writing the best copy possible since it most likely will catch potential customer’s eyes when they’re driving past. By considering the following three techniques, you can make your LED sign snappy, clever, and effective.

Know Your Audience

This is the most important place to start. Your small business needs to know who you are targeting. If you are targeting children, for example, your words should be more simple, yet youthful. For adults, you might choose to be more clever. Demographics play into your LED sign just as they do for your other marketing materials, so take this seriously.

Use A Call To Action

While you have limited space on electronic signs for businesses, you can still evoke a sense of purpose in your viewers. Let them know exactly why they should come to your place of business. Whether it be to quench their thirst with a cold drink or to find that perfect Mother’s Day gift, this needs to be explicit in your sign copy. You can change this call to action over time to keep it seasonal and relevant.

Get Creative

As you may have seen on social media, clever LED signs draw attention. Don’t be afraid to incorporate puns and humorous pop culture references if it is appropriate for your audience. Since people are bombarded with marketing messages all day, you will benefit from making them pause for a moment. Just be careful not to get so clever that you lose your message’s meaning.

As with any type of marketing copy, you will likely need to tweak your signage. The effectiveness of digital signs for businesses depends on not keeping your signage stagnant, so be sure to change it enough to keep people interested. Your effort will pay off when more people are drawn to your business because they saw your sign. You may even get some comments on it.

If you are looking for some interesting signage ideas, let us know, we’re more than willing to help!