In recent years, digital signage has evolved into a smart device that plays dynamic content to enhance marketing efforts and boost ROI. LED signage has developed new ways for companies to communicate with their audiences. In the process, it has made advertising more interactive and personable.

Marquee signs for businesses allow retailers to connect and engage their prospects. Retail is one of the sectors in which companies have started to take notice of its efficacy in marketing. As a result, digital LED signs are now considered a must-have and not just another promotional alternative.

As they gain prevalence in the market, marquee signs for businesses have also increased their capabilities in recent years. Development in other digital trends such as social media has helped promote them further. Let’s look at some of the ways businesses are benefiting from this digital tool.

Enhance Customer Experiences

Over the years, social media has accustomed customers to personal experiences. Companies are now increasingly compelled to make their promotional messages as targeted as possible. Otherwise, these businesses will struggle to improve the efficacy of their marketing and attain a good ROI.

For example, 44% of users admit that social media plays a role in their purchase decision. Instagram influences 75% of purchase decisions, according to the survey. There are many ways that businesses can use social media to create unique experiences and stay competitive.

Local businesses can combine social media with marquee signs to encourage engagements in real-time. They can give customers incentives to persuade customers to share their in-store experiences. Many customers would be willing to share their YouTube videos, Instagram photos, or tweets about your products or services.

Increased Visibility

Companies must make their digital messages visible enough if they are to use social media and marquee signs for businesses effectively. This means that social media elements on the business signage should ideally not be at the very bottom.

There are several ways to increase the visibility of social media without taking up the entire screen of the device. You can use variations in color and contrast to bring your prospect’s attention to the social media message. You can also use animations that are possible with programmable LED signage, which has been in the market for some time now.

With the creative use of social media and marquee signage, businesses can tap into user-generated content. The advantage of this type of content is that it is cost-effective for the company to produce. Businesses that can creatively use a combination of these features will come closer to realizing their ROI on their marketing efforts.

Some examples of how businesses are using LED signs and social media for their promotions include:

  • Posting an Instagram photo or tweet of the week.
  • Showing a funny comment or tweet from a customer.
  • Holding contests on social media and posting the winners.
  • Highlighting inspirational stories from customers.

Highlight Your Events

By combining social media and marquee signs for businesses, entrepreneurs can increase the visibility of their product launch. As the event commences, you can encourage customers to share information on their social media pages.

Advancing Technology: A New Form of Marketing

There are full color LED signs that now come with a system-on-chip that increases the capability of the signage. The chip gives the screen similar capabilities to a smartphone or Smart TV. Entrepreneurs looking to take advantage of digital signage technology have more flexibility in what they can display and promote. It also makes it easier and simpler to configure from wherever you may be.

Regardless of the nature of marquee signs for businesses you plan to use, you still need to have a good marketing strategy. Just like with social media and search engine advertising, you need to keep an eye on the metrics and continuously enhance your message. You can take advantage of online marketing combined with the best in digital signage for businesses. The use of these tools is emerging as one of the most effective strategies in advertising today.